Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sonntag Nachmittag das Abenteuer

aka the Sunday Afternoon Adventure!

This past Sunday I had a dilemma - I was up very late working on my piece for Drawing class, but it was on Newsprint (The runt of the paper litter) and that Just Would Not Do. Mostly Because Rubens ( my teacher...professor...instructor? whatever you call them in university) had said to use good paper, which i obviously had not. Now the following morning (still Sunday) I was regretting my decision to use this paper, and decided to go down to Utrecht to get something more substantial.(see last post for the drawing in question)
At the same time I was running out of yarn for a project I'm doing in my spare time, and the only place in the city I know/like that stocks it is Rosie's Yarn Cellar. And for the hell of it, I wanted to check out other yarn stores along South Street.
So I ended up taking the bus to the Convention Center - not South Street- only to check a Walk Philadelphia map and realize I need to go eight more blocks.
So I headed south, looking for the address to Nangellini and ended up around The Hospital at UPenn - on Spruce Street, not South Street - and asked for directions.
Finally I made it to Nangellini - on South Street - and ogled yarn, but since they didn't have what I needed, I moved on. However, They sell other awesome clothes/knitting related stuff/art, so once I figure out how to ride the bus this'll be my new favorite store. :)
My next Destination was Loop, a yarn shop in the Rittenhouse District - twelve blocks away, but on South Street - I walked the whole way across and saw some hilarious things, inlucding Harry's Occult Supplies and some street art. Loop was like a very modern boutque, but for yarn. unfortunately they didn't have what I need either; that's all I have to say about that. So I moved on to Rosie's. And of course, exactly what i needed was right on the shelf, so soon as I walked in the door.
I went to Utrecht afterward to get my paper, and congratulated myself for a Mission Accomplished by getting myself a Chai Latte (aka Nectar of the Gods) form Dunkin Donuts, and went and sipped it in Rittenhouse Square.

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