Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freshman Lecture Review

Things I liked this week:
1. Peter Hanley's Mohawk. Not often you see a dude whose obviously over 30, has a Mohawk and doesn't look awful. Double props for an bilateral symmetry.
2. Prezi saw this program in use a few weeks ago while undercover with some friends, and i must say, it is very aesthetically pleasing, and feels a lot more efficient than powerpoint.
3. The Studio not as a location but as a state of mind, per say - I feel like i'm starting to get a sense of this living here on campus. It's not like i can work in the room, there's not enough space, and too many distractions. In Peabody's basement studio, i'm probably just as distracted, but it's an inspiring kind of distraction, because there's room to spread out, and like-minded individuals ( collaborators, per say) with which to share ideas, and from whom to get pre-critiques (I say pre-critique because they help you prepare for the big ones in class.)

I didn't feel that Hanley was as strong of a speaker as Blahn or Girard, but that's alright because the most important thing they are bringing to the table here is their ideas. and it was kind of amusing that his digital presentation was very conversational, in the sense that him talking and his writing sound pretty much the same.

Next week : some lady whose name escapes me!

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