Sunday, September 12, 2010

Freshman Lecture Review

things i enjoyed about last weeks lecture:
1. Phillip Blahn was seriously entertaining; an engaging speaker and had an awesome accent! I studied german for a few years in high school and kind of regret that i didn't keep up with it (had to choose between that and art class) but it's still fun to listen to people who are german, speak it and mix the language with their english, because occasionally i understand what they mean without having to think too hard about it.
2. The Bauhaus Structure I didn't understand exactly what a Bauhaus was until this lecture ; I've come across it researching Robert Raushenberg Last Spring (he attended Black Mountain College, which under the direction of Josef Albers was in the fashion of the Bauhaus) but didn't really understand what it meant. something to do with architecture or studio space? this talk really shed some light on the subject for me, and actually got me excited about the structure of the school. however, i don't feel it is practical for me personally, or to restructure Tyler with the Bauhaus model - it would interrupt the flow of things, for sure.
3. Modernism I had no idea where this movement started!I thought it was an offshoot of Art Deco (though i'm still under the impression that this was a movement in the realm of Decor and architecture - where do those lines meet?) but this totally shed some light on the matter for me. Like the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, there's a definite sense of utility, while still being almost ahead of it's time and therefore without time. it's complicated.

next time- Peter Hanleys take on Studios ( or lack thereof)

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