Monday, September 13, 2010

~Peabody RHSA Elections~

Hey Peabodies (and whoever else stumbles across this),
Here are some answers to Questions you might have about me/the election/the meaning of life:
Who the [Expletive] are you? Nicole Micheletti, currently holing up in Room 216 of Peabody Hall. Currently a freshman, BFA at the Tyler School of Art.
What in the World do you think you're doing? Running for Senator at Large for Peabody's Residence Hall Senate Association ( think the 'Senate' is left out of the name from time to time).
...Why?(Are you running) I think this would be a great way to get to know Everyone, and be involved in our cool little ecosystem.
So, you don't get out much? working on it...
What is RHA? They decide on cool events and stuff we throw here at Peabody! And Outside of it but involving Peabodies! And i'm not clear on the details yet otherswise, but in short: we make your life fun.
and what do Senators do anyway? To Quote the Official RHA paperwork:
The Senator at Large is a non-executive position that serves as the active voice for the residents residing in particular residence halls. These members hold veto power in efforts of representing the best interests for their residents. Furthermore, Senators at Large shall be Responsible for communicating projects and programs to the residential community in addition to seeking out attendance at general assembly meetings.

What's in it for me? Fun and community-ness and your new best friend(me). But I won't try to take the place of your old best friends, I swear.
Cool, so when/where do I vote? TODAY! ( Monday Sept 13) At the front desk downstairs!
Will there be cake? Next time we get together, i will bake you a cake.
What's a 'yokotei'? That's my Internet Moniker of Choice. You can't has.
How do I know you're a Real person? Friend me on Facebook (which i never ever check but i will, just for you) where my name is backwards, or check out my crappy and neglected DeviantArt page. or come say hi! I'm in Room 216 or the basement usually. because i don't get out much.

~Nicole Micheletti

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