Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Memory, or a Long-Anticipated Incident of Deja-Vu

It's kind of funny (to me at least) that my earliest memory should be something that never really happened, but nonetheless it is just that. The farthest back i can remember is a nightmare i had when i was still in diapers. The scenery was reminiscent of the Sing-along videos that were my television du jour: a astro-turf colored field with flat plastic tulips, against a flat gray-blue sky. but unlike the flat stages of WeeSing!the field seemed to go on forever. i know this because i was running across it, trying to escape the clutches of the Easter Bunny. He Hopped after me, surely plotting to eat me or turn me into chocolate eggs. i ran until i woke up.

now where does the Deja Vu come into play? well, in march of 1998, i was six years old and my mother's current place of employment ( Robert Wood Johnson Hospital) was hosting an Easter egg hunt. and i was all but thrilled to find that the exact same Easter Bunny was residing over the event. I think my mother coerced me into posing for a picture. but i couldn't find it.
My mother and a coworker consorting with the Enemy.

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