Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pushing the Gottverdammt Envelope

situational irony.
'Conventional'. lately this word has begun to sting as much as 'uncreative' and 'unoriginal', maybe even to the degree of 'cliche'. however, how does one overcome the conventions to which they are accustomed, and thus evolve?

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  1. Too bad about 'conventional' getting swamped like that. It really just has to do with what we, as a culture, have consensus about. Language is conventional or it isn't understood. To me, most interesting work doesn't overcome conventions so much as it understands them and puts them to use. Progress, such as it is, can be made by becoming a better and better 'reader' or interpreter of the conventions one encounters. A painting is a convention (a form of imagery displayed a certain way and accorded certain social capital) and a book is another convention. Who needs to 'overcome' paintings or books? Anyway, enjoy your blog and look forward to more...