Sunday, November 21, 2010

a little autobiography, in a rap i could never perform myself.

i knit, crochet, watch anime
it didn't always used to be this way, at least
the way i'd spend my day

ne'er considered myself a social creature
raised to the white noise on tv, the cartoon preacher
cause y'see, my mama, don't think she had a hobby
and daddy was a movie, buff
so i spent my time inside
no one said 'play sports' so it didn't cross my mind

i'm not saying i don't have friends, that'd just be sad
i've had my crew since middle school, or at least had
some come some go (and good riddance to buttery trash)
at while we're not close at the moment, i don't think you could lash
together a tighter crew than mine

and i call them my crew
because i misfortunate endeavor
led to the birth of a webcomic i called 'notebook paper'
i'd give you the link, but i'm sorry to say despite the group effort, i could never sit down and say, actually work on it.

little autobiographical thinking, in preparation for my drawing final.

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