Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a more interesting idea

i've decided i'm going to use symbols from my dreams, things that represent me on a subconscious level, rather than the obvious. this way y projects will be more about self exploration than reflection. and i dream a lot cooler stuff anyways.
i used to be really into figuring out what my dreams meant, so i have a journal in which a write them down fro time to time. this will come in handy for seeing which symbols occur most frequently.

some symbols i know off the bat:
1. Teeth. In my Dreams they have a tendency to fall right out of my head, and having had dreams like this several times, it's not suprising that this is one of the first things i think of. i use Dreammoods as my online reference for symbols, and they have a whole page on the various meanings for teeth dreams. with dream interpretation, it's best to look at the symbol's personal meaning to you, and if that is unknown, to look it up and take the meaning that makes the most sense to you. my teeth dreams usually have to do with my insecurities.
2. Failed attempts at flyingdreammoods says this represents a "lack of power in controlling your own circumstances" whilst dreams where one can actually fly are lucid dreams, where one consciously controls the dream (meaning you're aware within the dream and thus can do whatever you want). Since coming to Temple i have yet to have a failed-flying dream, but i still have never had a successful flying dream either.

I still may use symbols from my waking life, so right now i'm far more engaged in the idea of using these symbols.
setting up my paper and stuff over the break, will probably do it as tiles or panels on bristol board.
all for today, full symbol list when i get around to it.

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